Donate + Listen, Watch, Read #14

This week has been pretty awful overall, with domestic and international news illuminating the darkest parts of humanity. Major bleh feelings. Personally, I was also feeling sorry for myself, but those trivial issues pale in comparison to the plights of those around the world. Please consider donating to hurricane victims (Global Giving), the Vegas victims, or earthquake survivors (Oxfam), or do what I did and contribute whatever you … Continue reading Donate + Listen, Watch, Read #14

Listen/Watch/Live: No Love Like Yours

  Dudddddeee. So one time, in London, Alex Ebert, from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, held my hand and then my heart stopped and then I died and then was revived. Then I didn’t wash my hand for like three days. (Most or all of that was an exaggeration.) However, Ebert has a charisma that is overall incredibly dangerous for someone as attracted to … Continue reading Listen/Watch/Live: No Love Like Yours