Blood Orange Cardamom Cake

I’m in super nest-y, hibernation mode. Sophie may have pulled a muscle, and until we get her checked out by a vet, we’ve been taking it slowwwww. As in chilly mornings, wrapped up in a blanket, sipping on lavender lattes (for me) and crunching on glucosamine dog biscuits (for her) while Bowie wreaks havoc, tearing socks out of dirty laundry baskets. And I’ve been stockpiling … Continue reading Blood Orange Cardamom Cake

Champagne Vanilla Cake!

I’ve been on a baking spree, which I hope continues into the New Year and perhaps, by some miracle, does not continue onto my waistline. But the weather has been dreary and drizzly, perfect for blasting the oven and listening to the Daughter Spotify Radio Station. I baked a modified version of this recipe, using prosecco rather than pink champagne, no food coloring, and of … Continue reading Champagne Vanilla Cake!

Pecan Brown Sugar Sticky Buns

Because you always need dessert. And because I made too much pizza dough and it certainly couldn’t go to waste. I used to hate cinnamon rolls. The overly gooey, sweet sludge just didn’t do it for me. Now however, I’ve been busy perfecting a flaky roll, soft and warm, with a warming, lightly spiced, inner layer, with a bit of crunch from the nuts. Pass … Continue reading Pecan Brown Sugar Sticky Buns