January was not the brightest beginning of 2016 for me, with the passing of icons, personal tumult and sheer exhaustion. I’m forcing February to be better. However, despite rather bleak moments, spending time with my friends proved the cure for, well, everything. The weekend after David Bowie’s passing, Grant, Elisa, Evan and I hit up BootieLA‘s tribute, but not before a photo shoot at home. … Continue reading Bowie.

Play On Basics

  I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I was in high school, my favorite outfit was an over-sized Tweety Bird sweatshirt, bell-bottom jeans, a 6-foot long pink yarn scarf and purple bifocals. There aren’t even words to describe the tragedy of my pubescent self. I’ve improved slightly with age and newly gleaned skills in eyebrow plucking and makeup application. For instance, I … Continue reading Play On Basics