Donate + Listen, Watch, Read #14

This week has been pretty awful overall, with domestic and international news illuminating the darkest parts of humanity. Major bleh feelings. Personally, I was also feeling sorry for myself, but those trivial issues pale in comparison to the plights of those around the world. Please consider donating to hurricane victims (Global Giving), the Vegas victims, or earthquake survivors (Oxfam), or do what I did and contribute whatever you … Continue reading Donate + Listen, Watch, Read #14

Listen, Watch, Read #13

More posts coming soon, but I’m skipping my lunch break to get my creative juices flowing. I haven’t had much energy to do it after work, so I’m trying to do it before and during breaks. Wish me luck. I can’t remember which book explained and justified the concept of “scratching” to me, but I’ve clung onto to the concept during this creative output stagnancy. … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #13

Currently Reading/Watching

I’m taking a break from work because my blood pressure is so high. I was dealing with a defendant directly, as opposed to her counsel, as she is unrepresented at the moment. But her attitude problem was ridiculous. After attempting to reason with her, even though she was completely wrong and I could have told her to just f *ck off, she asked to speak … Continue reading Currently Reading/Watching

Listen, Watch, Read #12

Even though I had been working feverishly on my book for the last quarter of 2016, 2017 hit my creative trajectory like a wall. I was feeling a bit down on myself until I read The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, which ended up being awesomely inspiring and giving me a much needed dose of grace. The book, which I highly recommend, illuminates the spectrum … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #12

Listen, Watch, Read #11

I was ridiculously productive at work yesterday, despite limited sleep after an amazing Ingrid Michaelson show at the Ace. But do you have those days, when you completely clean up your desk, and inbox, and life and make so much progress, then come into the office and just want to fetal under the desk with a cup of tea? That’s me today. It’s cloudy and … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #11

My Favorite Podcasts: Winter 2016

I’m writing this during my lunch break of a particularly wearing workday. I started getting really frustrated with basically everything and my day was quickly taking a nosedive until I took this break and decided to focus on writing this little blog post. It can be unfortunately too easy to fall into negativity. So instead of flipping through Facebook to decompress, I’m just going to … Continue reading My Favorite Podcasts: Winter 2016

Listen, Watch, Read: THE SOUND EDITION

I’m legit dying right now of music overload. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC. Aside from the fact I have Bon Iver at the Greek, Lumineers at the Bowl, Chvrches at Hollywood Forever and Ingrid Michaelson at the Ace, (omg such good artists, amazing venues #pinchme), today especially is amazing. [PS does anyone want to do Phantogram with me next Tuesday?] I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH EARS FOR … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read: THE SOUND EDITION