My Favorite Podcasts: Winter 2016


I’m writing this during my lunch break of a particularly wearing workday. I started getting really frustrated with basically everything and my day was quickly taking a nosedive until I took this break and decided to focus on writing this little blog post.

It can be unfortunately too easy to fall into negativity. So instead of flipping through Facebook to decompress, I’m just going to tell myself that the things that happened today at work do not constitute anything that cannot be fixed and although I can be impatient, it’s kinder to myself not to be so impatient as to exhaust myself.

With that cryptic message, my favorite podcasts:

  1. My Favorite Murder – If you know me personally, you know that I am obsessed with crime shows: SVU, Criminal Minds, Night of, The Jinx, The Making of a Murdered, just to name a few. This podcast are the hilarious, casual and off-color musings of women just like me on murders across the world – think Gilmore Girls meets America’s Most Wanted. It’s intriguing and fun and not too serious, with a hefty dose of creepy, that is perfectly suited for the season.
  2. The Lively Show – I’d like to think that I’ve always been self-aware and mindful. However, in the last year, especially with work and with some personal relationships, I’ve really stifled myself. There is a lot of harsh self-critique and not a lot of positive energy into solutions. Rather, I very often fall into comparisons that do nothing to bolster my confidence, energy or love for myself or others. That’s a little more seriously put than what happens in the day to day, but this podcast has helped me develop practices/protocols/habits to work through sticky moments. It’s because of this podcast that I developed a daily gratitude practice, stopped using Instagram as a comparison tool, and started a few new side projects (i.e. pottery, my pop-dinners, PHD prep). Jess, the host, uses relate-able examples of every day moments that you can use to listen and develop trust in your intuition.
  3. A Few Things with Claire and Erica – I love this podcast. It covers so many topics relevant to me, from how to publish your first book, to interviews with a TV critic on the best new shows, to a reading club, discussions about natural beauty, trends in home decor, time management techniques, etc. The girls are energetic and fun, even if they get a bit shriek-y sometimes. It’s like talking to a really cool girlfriend who always has great recommendations for anything you’re thinking about doing.

Old Favorites: Invisibilia, GirlBoss Radio, Magic Lessions with Elizabeth Gilbert, That’s So Retrograde

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