The New Silverlake – Where to Eat

I’ve been grumbling about the food scene in LA for a minute. It felt stagnant and overwrought with avocado toasts and beet salads. I needed a spark, a change, something to whet my palette and get me back on my “lets spend all my money on food” train. Silverlake has proven to be that place. Mixed Company, Botanica and Bar Angeles are all newcomers this … Continue reading The New Silverlake – Where to Eat

How To: Host an Autumnal Cocktail Party

I cried at Trader Joes yesterday. I was picking up ingredients for Evan’s going-away party, and the cashier asked me if I was having a party and what was I celebrating. Immediate waterworks. But I needed to do that before I actually got started, because God forbid if I started uncontrollably sobbing while making crostini. Nothing would gotten done. But back to Evan. I am so … Continue reading How To: Host an Autumnal Cocktail Party

Elf Cafe

*You’ll have to excuse me for the lack of photos, but the beautiful yet dimly lit space, as well as the intimate environment of the restaurant, did not not allow for them. I don’t want to say that I’m generally disappointed when a friend embarks on a foray into some new diet restriction, but there’s always a little bit of “aghhhh” when I’m making dinner reservations. … Continue reading Elf Cafe

Blood Orange Cardamom Cake

I’m in super nest-y, hibernation mode. Sophie may have pulled a muscle, and until we get her checked out by a vet, we’ve been taking it slowwwww. As in chilly mornings, wrapped up in a blanket, sipping on lavender lattes (for me) and crunching on glucosamine dog biscuits (for her) while Bowie wreaks havoc, tearing socks out of dirty laundry baskets. And I’ve been stockpiling … Continue reading Blood Orange Cardamom Cake

Champagne Vanilla Cake!

I’ve been on a baking spree, which I hope continues into the New Year and perhaps, by some miracle, does not continue onto my waistline. But the weather has been dreary and drizzly, perfect for blasting the oven and listening to the Daughter Spotify Radio Station. I baked a modified version of this recipe, using prosecco rather than pink champagne, no food coloring, and of … Continue reading Champagne Vanilla Cake!

Homemade French Crepes with Brown Butter Persimmons and Canadian Maple

Goooood morning! If you’re anything like me, you wait for new moons and the first of the months or the beginning of the week, and you’re like “yaaaassss #freshstart.” Well, I woke up like that yesterday and then things went to shit. Never fear, all things are manageable with a few deep breath breathes, a good cry and chocolate bar, so I woke up this … Continue reading Homemade French Crepes with Brown Butter Persimmons and Canadian Maple


Hello darlings – I’ve received such lovely feedback about my dinners and an interest in future ones, so I’m setting up a couple more dinners before year’s end. I unfortunately had to cancel my last dinner due to a post-vacation sinus infection (gross, I know), so peeps missed out on my Indian food. HAVE NO FEAR! Because I’m basically repeating that menu.  An Indian Summer … Continue reading ANNOUNCING NEW POP-UP DINNER DATE – Indian Summer, Oct. 22