The New Silverlake – Where to Eat

I’ve been grumbling about the food scene in LA for a minute. It felt stagnant and overwrought with avocado toasts and beet salads. I needed a spark, a change, something to whet my palette and get me back on my “lets spend all my money on food” train. Silverlake has proven to be that place. Mixed Company, Botanica and Bar Angeles are all newcomers this year and have become go-tos for the recent weekends. Read on for my recommendations:

Coffee + Croissant: Mixed Company

Corner of Sunset and Hyperion

This dog friendly patio is perched on a corner of Sunset and Hyperion and is perfect for an early morning bite before the farmers market or post-spin. They serve food and drink all day, in a very breezy and vaguely European way with a clear millennial spin. The best choice for me has been the s’mores croissant and latte. (Their lardon and kale breakfast pizza is delicious as well). That croissant though. It’s flaky and buttery, like the ideal croissant, stuffed with chocolate and topped with a toasted marshmallow and crushed graham cracker. But it’s not cloying and feels indulgent without being excessive. So good. I’d like to check it out for dinner soon, but until then I’m hoarding those croissants.

Brunch with a Cocktail: Botanica

1620 Silverlake

I would like to live in this market/restaurant/food magazine/heaven. Founded by two food writers with a penchant for that millenial pink/desert chic aesthetic, it’s my favorite place right now. It’s a thoughtful, locally sourced menu, fresh and bursting with flavor. I love the poached farm eggs, aleppo-urfa butter, garlicky sheep’s milk yogurt, charred
scallions with a lemony salad & cornmeal focaccia. But the “fattoush-y”  salad is my favorite with grilled & raw market veg, orchard fruit,sumac-crisped focaccia, garlic labne & za’atar vinaigrette. Also their cocktails are bomb.

Pre-Movie Noms: Bar Angeles 

4330 Sunset

This casual pizzeria is actually super sleek and totally delicious. The menu is simple and satisfying, with unique cocktails and wood fired pizzas. The communal tables are a fun addition and the service is speedy. It’s like the speedy version of Zack Pollack’s Cosa Buona, which just opened down the street, but more approachable. Totally craving their broccolini and burrata right now.

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