Your Comprehensive Guide to Paris

Although I’ll detail it more later or perhaps never, depending on how I’m feeling, it will suffice to say that the last  14 months were, for lack of a better word, a shitshow. Thankfully, I’m coming out of it now, though not completely unscathed, but at least with clarity and some confidence that I’m making the right decisions for myself. It seems only fitting that … Continue reading Your Comprehensive Guide to Paris

MEXICO CITY: Your Complete Guide

When I first told my mom that Katie, Evan and I were headed to CDMX for five days, her first response was “why?” As was my co-worker’s, and my friends’, and the Walgreen’s guy when I picked up travel sized shampoos. I don’t know why people were so surprised, but I suppose it’s because generally the tropical beaches, wellness retreats, and parties the coasts are … Continue reading MEXICO CITY: Your Complete Guide

Before: The Sunset Bedroom (and the Great Housing Search)

Being funemployed the last few weeks has been a challenge for me – to the point that I now despise the stupid term “funemployment.” I am just soooo bored. I know I’ll be grateful for this time off once I start work next week and my body and mind have enjoyed the rest. But I haven’t lost my natural Type-A tendencies, which means the last … Continue reading Before: The Sunset Bedroom (and the Great Housing Search)

About Time: Job Changes and Big Moves!

After eight years of promising myself (and my friends) that I would move to SF, it’s finally happening. It’s hard for me to even write “I’m moving,” since serendipitously, I haven’t had to do much of anything. Where I Was: To begin, I had a good job in Los Angeles, working with two highly regarded and dedicated attorneys, who taught me a lot in the … Continue reading About Time: Job Changes and Big Moves!

The New Silverlake – Where to Eat

I’ve been grumbling about the food scene in LA for a minute. It felt stagnant and overwrought with avocado toasts and beet salads. I needed a spark, a change, something to whet my palette and get me back on my “lets spend all my money on food” train. Silverlake has proven to be that place. Mixed Company, Botanica and Bar Angeles are all newcomers this … Continue reading The New Silverlake – Where to Eat

How To: Host an Autumnal Cocktail Party

I cried at Trader Joes yesterday. I was picking up ingredients for Evan’s going-away party, and the cashier asked me if I was having a party and what was I celebrating. Immediate waterworks. But I needed to do that before I actually got started, because God forbid if I started uncontrollably sobbing while making crostini. Nothing would gotten done. But back to Evan. I am so … Continue reading How To: Host an Autumnal Cocktail Party

Donate + Listen, Watch, Read #14

This week has been pretty awful overall, with domestic and international news illuminating the darkest parts of humanity. Major bleh feelings. Personally, I was also feeling sorry for myself, but those trivial issues pale in comparison to the plights of those around the world. Please consider donating to hurricane victims (Global Giving), the Vegas victims, or earthquake survivors (Oxfam), or do what I did and contribute whatever you … Continue reading Donate + Listen, Watch, Read #14


I can’t believe three months gone by since I posted. I needed a bit of a social media break, though I’m still moderately addicted to Instagram. My posts have gone from one a day to more like one a week, unless I have trip or event to post about. The majority of my anxiety and depression have been centered around the dystopian American society with … Continue reading Phoenix