I can’t believe three months gone by since I posted. I needed a bit of a social media break, though I’m still moderately addicted to Instagram. My posts have gone from one a day to more like one a week, unless I have trip or event to post about.

The majority of my anxiety and depression have been centered around the dystopian American society with the Trumpster and also the heartbreaking and terrifying events around the world. Added on top of that is my increased workload and I’m basically a burnt out zombie.

But that being said, I have had such a wonderful few weeks, which I’ll be recapping here: baby showers, Ryan Adams, supper clubs, new restaurants, community events, new Pilates classes, some great new recipes, increased reading, trips to Seattle and SF and camping in Cambria. Sometimes you can let yourself wallow and rest. But I think its time I force myself out of that.

So onto Phoenix. When Aline, Evan and I booked the trip, everyone was basically WTF Y THO. But we booked it a week or so before Memorial Day, when flight prices quadrupled and my hopes for Tulum were dashed. Phoenix is driving distance and my friend Jeff and his bf have spent a lot of time there, so I knew we would get amazing recommendations, which we did. *Seriously though, I need Jeff to design my whole life for me.

Phoenix was hot, and a bit abandoned for the holiday weekend, but that meant we got the best tables, food, and an actually restful vacation, which never happens for us. It felt like a new experience at every turn. I was consistently impressed with the quality of food, service and drinks, but shocked at the low-keyness and the homogeneity of the population (aka so white). That being said, we had a great couple of days.

Onto the recommendations:


FOUND RE HOTEL – the artiest hotel/gallery I’ve stayed into. The curator was a quirky man, who we found basking in the sun at the pool. He generously bought us drinks and extolled his artistic philosophy, which is so bohemian, I die.


TUCK SHOP – a mid-century modern haven, where the waiting space is a living room, and the menu surprisingly modern. Expect small plates and extremely friendly wait staff.

PIZZERIA BIANCO – I really didn’t think we were going to make this one as the wait is generally in the hours. Luckily, with the holiday weekend driving out residents, we got a spot within 45 mins. Voted on of the best places in America to have pizza, this place did not disappoint. Traditional, simple and mind-blowing.

LUX CENTRAL– I would have lived in here in college. Cafe, bakery, wine bar, art space. It’s all my needs met in one dynamic and air-conditioned space. We stopped here for coffee on our way to Sedona, but I wish we could have spent more time here.

WINDSOR – The backyard patio, the Bloody Mary bar, the oversize and indulgent portions? Perfect for the haunting hangover. OMG and the $5 dollar pitchers of beer. I can’t. Order the Porkwich and the cheesy potatoes.

CHURN – Handcrafted ice cream in flavor likes Bailey’s Crunch, or Fat Elvis (PB ice cream, salted caramel, banana, whip and chocolate rocks), or Sparkling Elderflower Sorbet, or the Hangover Helper. What part of that doesn’t appeal to you?



BITTER AND TWISTED – Perhaps the best cocktail bar I’ve ever been to. And you know I’ve been to a lot. The menu is a choose-your-own-adventure/fairy tale hybrid. You map your way through the menu – citrus, sweet, spicy, spirit forward, avant garde, classic. We had to go back twice. And order the Mac and Cheese and thank me later.

BAR BIANCO – The sweetest little bar in an old house. Positioned conveniently next to the aforementioned pizzeria, it’s a step back in time, with simple and delicious cocktails and a great wine list.


DESERT BOTANICAL GARDENS – One of my favorite parts of the trip, we headed to the Gardens for a sunset stroll. The smell of desert sage, the sun setting on the epic cacti, and the stillness were life-giving for me. And the Instagrams turned out pretty good too.

FOUR PEAKS – This brewery though. The beer is delish. So delish, we brought back four cases. Highly recommend the Kilt Lifter and the IPA.

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