Donate + Listen, Watch, Read #14

This week has been pretty awful overall, with domestic and international news illuminating the darkest parts of humanity. Major bleh feelings. Personally, I was also feeling sorry for myself, but those trivial issues pale in comparison to the plights of those around the world. Please consider donating to hurricane victims (Global Giving), the Vegas victims, or earthquake survivors (Oxfam), or do what I did and contribute whatever you can to all three. I feel better about the small role I can play in helping those in need and it doesn’t take much. It’s the perfect to gain perspective, do some good and put good vibes in the world.

LISTEN: Lauren Ruth Ward 

An LA-resident, Baltimore-native, this singer-songwriter has an angst, anger and delicious talent that I’ve been obsessed with this week. Edgy folk? Nostalgic rock? Idk. But hella into it. Especially with her Janis Joplin, sex positive, soooo cool vibe, you’re sure to be an immediate fan.

WATCH: Mice, A Play by Schaeffer Nelson

My dear friend’s play open last night and I am so stoked to see the finished production, just in time for Halloween. Schaeffer’s play tells the creepy story of two women trapped in a basement of a serial cannibal, complete with secret family histories and extreme religiosity. It’s playing Thursday through Sundays at the Ensemble Studio Theater in Atwater and tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. (Cool fact: Schaeffer asked me for a cultural sensitivity analysis of his script to aid in revisions, so I’m mentioned in the program #sidehustle).


READ: Rupi Kaur’s The Sun and Her Flowers

Rupi Kaur’s new book of poetry was just released a couple of days ago and obvs I had it on pre-order. It arrived perfectly in time for my manic moments of heartbreak this week. Known as Instagram’s favorite poet” with all the backlash that entails, Rupi’s poetry is accessible, heartfelt, simple and touching. It may not be the highbrow classic stuff we’re used to, but it certainly can hit some chords.

“tell them i was the / warmest place you knew/ and you turned me cold.”


“a lot of times/ we are angry at other people/ for not doing what/ we should have done ourselves” – responsibility

Also read this fascinating critique of her poetry as well.



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