Scenes from the Weekend

I’m sparsely populating this blog because following Coachella Weekend #1, this shit will blow up bigger than the Kanye-Taylor feud. I’ve been crazy at work, volunteering (head instructor anyone?), and juggling far too many social engagements and not reading enough. The weekend was insanely amazing – from a hike and then cheap Chinese and Spotlight viewing party on Friday; to horses + secret show in … Continue reading Scenes from the Weekend

Viviane: The Worst Meal at the Prettiest Restaurant

To preface the massacre that’s about to occur, I’m in a wretched bloody mood. For several reasons, but I’m mostly irritated because I looked at my credit card bill and remembered how much I spent on an utterly useless meal I had on Tuesday. But back to the point of this blog post. I love eating out, almost as much as I love cooking. I pride myself on … Continue reading Viviane: The Worst Meal at the Prettiest Restaurant