Scenes from the Weekend

I’m sparsely populating this blog because following Coachella Weekend #1, this shit will blow up bigger than the Kanye-Taylor feud. I’ve been crazy at work, volunteering (head instructor anyone?), and juggling far too many social engagements and not reading enough.


The weekend was insanely amazing – from a hike and then cheap Chinese and Spotlight viewing party on Friday; to horses + secret show in Silverlake (featuring Laura Marling) + weekend cuddles; then mimosas and oysters on Sunday.


The secret show business. I can’t even. So one of my favorite local bands, Kera and the Lesbians, insta’d a photo regarding their secret show, saying that if you emailed them, maybe they’d put you on the list. So I did. And I got in with a plus one. So I hit up equally music obsessed friend, Sam, and we skeddadled over there looking decidedly unhipster. However, turns out, my favorite, most hipster, English folk performer, Laura Marling was the “headliner” for this little house show, so a couple beers later and some jaw dropping at her amazingness, I didn’t care that I was the only person wearing a bra. (PS I saw her at OSL last year, been listening to her for six years, she used to date one of the guys from Mumford, and her cover of Joni was amazing.)

The house was this lovely 1970s home, complete with lots o’ wood furniture and succulents. The sliding glass doors made the living room stage even bigger and everyone brought a beer to share. It was lovely, organic and totally unexpected.

Mimosas were the next day – at The Must in DTLA. Tucked in a little alleyway off of Winston, the service was amazing, the mimosas with sorbet thirst quenching and the company pretty good ;). Would definitely check it out again.

Until Coachella my lovelies. xx.



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