Elf Cafe

*You’ll have to excuse me for the lack of photos, but the beautiful yet dimly lit space, as well as the intimate environment of the restaurant, did not not allow for them. I don’t want to say that I’m generally disappointed when a friend embarks on a foray into some new diet restriction, but there’s always a little bit of “aghhhh” when I’m making dinner reservations. … Continue reading Elf Cafe

Chimichurri + Chickpea Summer Salad

The weather in Los Angeles is freaking me out. It’s been oscillating between fiery dry days and gloomy humid ones, which basically spells summer colds for me. I’ve been loading up on my turmeric, B12 and green juices to ward off the germs. In the meantime, I’ve been doing Whole 30 Monday through Friday: no gluten/grain/dairy/alcohol/added sugar. It sounds like death, especially to your basic … Continue reading Chimichurri + Chickpea Summer Salad

Scenes from the Weekend

I’m sparsely populating this blog because following Coachella Weekend #1, this shit will blow up bigger than the Kanye-Taylor feud. I’ve been crazy at work, volunteering (head instructor anyone?), and juggling far too many social engagements and not reading enough. The weekend was insanely amazing – from a hike and then cheap Chinese and Spotlight viewing party on Friday; to horses + secret show in … Continue reading Scenes from the Weekend

The Descanso Gardens

I’ve been ploughing through housekeeping duties, like actually. The apartment is sparkling, my email inbox pared down, and my closet somewhat functional. My social and professional life need a bit more polishing, but I’m staying true to my word to keep things less cluttered. And in the midst of all that simplifying, the weekend was absolutely beautiful. I started with an outdoor happy hour at Jaimie’s … Continue reading The Descanso Gardens

Molasses-Ginger Cinnamon Rolls

They see me rollin’. They hatin’. Everyone seems to be afraid of baking, yeasting, kneading and anything that requires more than 1/3 cup oil, 2 eggs and some water. (That’s the funfetti boxed cake recipe if you’re wondering.) And as my friend Carrie very often reminds me, “Baking requires chemistry.” Which is why I am not at all suited for it. I just prefer bunging … Continue reading Molasses-Ginger Cinnamon Rolls