The Descanso Gardens

I’ve been ploughing through housekeeping duties, like actually. The apartment is sparkling, my email inbox pared down, and my closet somewhat functional. My social and professional life need a bit more polishing, but I’m staying true to my word to keep things less cluttered.

And in the midst of all that simplifying, the weekend was absolutely beautiful. I started with an outdoor happy hour at Jaimie’s on Friday afternoon with a triple creme brie (obvs), local olive bread (so yum), some organic oranges and a semi-sweet cab, a gift from my boss.


Saturday, after a jaunt to the eye doctor, I did my volunteering with the girls at Taking the Reins, where I am instructing them in horse back riding. It was a fun, hot and challenging day, but I really do love hands on community my work. Although I do public interest law, there is something far more satisfying in tangibly, physically, helping people.


Then Jaimie, Jeff, Evan and I drove to the OC for an Indian feast put together my generous mom and aunts. Pani puri (my street food favorite), channa masala, aloo gobi, saag and goat curry. Ridiculously satisfying to the point where Jeff began rubbing his scalp and whispering “Nirvana.” Idk. But it was delicious. I feel asleep on Jaimie on the way home and slept for ten blissful hours.

And Sunday, which is quickly becoming my favorite day. I scoured the apartment after a coffee + lake walk and some quick yoga. Then the fam picked me up for a quick lunch at the Herm -the Refresh beer was the fave.


And we went to the Descanso Gardens in La Canada, about a 15 minute drive from my place. The admission is totally reasonable ($9 for regs; $6 for seniors). The garden is huge, featuring one of the biggest rose gardens I’ve ever seen, a camellia extravaganza, and California Native plants. The setting is in the valley, with rolling green hills and mountains as the backdrop. It’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon picnic. We didn’t actually take a picnic, but next time I would. I would also probably not have had that second beer at lunch, bc I was feeling incredibly soft and sleepy at toward the end of the afternoon.


And of course, we followed up with some quick beers at Block Party, where I almost kidnapped a Sophie look alike and we made friends with some very nice (read: tipsy) girls. The night ended with some King Taco takeout and cuddles on the couch before my mom and aunts headed back down to the OC.

I am so grateful for the time that Aunt Dogo has spent with us. She is this incredibly funny, warm and supportive woman and spending time with her is such a gift. In part, because my mom is so happy and relaxed around her. It’s been lovely and I cannot wait for our next trip.DSC_0656


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