The Getty Villa

The last week was a bit of an extravaganza and one that I didn’t well document. I’ve been trying to step away from constant phone-mediated life and in the process, totally forgot about this little blog.

Last week, I stepped a bit closer to 30, celebrating my 28th birthday at the Broad Museum and Otium with Aline and Evan, followed by The Semi-Tropic‘s churro waffle and mulitas at TacoZone with the aforementioned as well as Jaimie and Jeff. PS. Otium was one of the best meals I’ve had out in ages. Highly recommend.

Despite that lovely day as well as the sweet texts, calls, posts, comments, cards, etc., I was feeling a bit deflated, counting all my grey hairs, lack of engagement rings and general purposelessness (lol #melodramatic.)

Until Friday.

When my best friends threw me a beautiful surprise dinner and party at a backyard in Echo Park, complete with triple creme brie, a bonfire and s’mores. I should also say that the dinner executed beautifully by Jaimie and Jeff included:

  • carrot dip and eggplant hummus served with lavash
  • a generous cheese plate
  • a big salad garnished with shaved radishes and flowers
  • crostini with cod brandande
  • grilled veg with romesco sauce
  • skirt steak with chimichurri

along with a beautiful cake topped with trick candles from Aline.

I cried, I laughed, I hugged and kissed everyone, then drank the night away. Beautiful.

I could not be more grateful, happy, warmed through and through, by the love and generosity of my friends.

But the best gift has been my Aunt Dogo visiting for two weeks from the arctic cold of Toronto. She and my mom have been making delicious food, puttering around the garden and putting up with my theatrics for the last few days.

On Sunday, we all gallivanted off to Malibu for a trip to the Getty Villa and beers on the bluffs at Malibu Bluffs Park.

The Getty Villa is free admission but requires prebooking. Parking is $15. They also have a lovely cafe, complete with a generous cheese plate and reasonably priced rose. (#perfection).

The exhibits are Greek and Roman artifacts, which harkened back to my past life as Athena. It’s a lovely family outing. The museum and gardens only take about two hours to properly see and the setting, a few blocks from the beach is breathtaking. So very LA.

A Random Jovial Squirrel
Malibu Bluffs


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