Listen/Watch/Live: No Love Like Yours

  Dudddddeee. So one time, in London, Alex Ebert, from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, held my hand and then my heart stopped and then I died and then was revived. Then I didn’t wash my hand for like three days. (Most or all of that was an exaggeration.) However, Ebert has a charisma that is overall incredibly dangerous for someone as attracted to … Continue reading Listen/Watch/Live: No Love Like Yours

Tidbits: Happy Hump Day

Oh boy. This week. I spent the entire day yesterday believing it was Wednesday. I was wrong. And now I’m suffering. Actually suffering is a strong word, because, in reality, this week has been enjoyable, and has included Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel Apple Handpie that I whipped up on Monday, lots of good pilates classes and a special girls’ night dinner happening tonight. In the … Continue reading Tidbits: Happy Hump Day