Tidbits: Happy Hump Day

Oh boy. This week. I spent the entire day yesterday believing it was Wednesday. I was wrong. And now I’m suffering. Actually suffering is a strong word, because, in reality, this week has been enjoyable, and has included Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel Apple Handpie that I whipped up on Monday, lots of good pilates classes and a special girls’ night dinner happening tonight.

In the meantime, I’ve realized that many of my current endeavours can accurately be summed up as therapy sessions, including some great fiction and poetry, loaded up salads from Lemonade (thank god for Postmates), and some adult colouring.

My day so far in a nutshell (not including of course Sophie’s agility training and the 27 client calls I’ve fielded this morning.)DSC_0513DSC_0519DSC_0521DSC_0527DSC_0532

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