Listen, Watch, Read #6

I feel an immense amount of personal momentum at the mo. At the same time, I feel scattered EVERYWHERE. Work has been hectic and I have my first speaking engagement coming up. I’m looking for additional opportunities, but not sure what exactly I’m looking for. I’ve been increasingly social as opposed to the last few weeks, with dinner parties and happy hours. I can’t even settle on my evening therapy sessions, though coloring has been taking a front seat.

But my room is still a mess. My closet, an explosion. I haven’t written as much as I promised myself I would. And I’m pretty sure the soup I made forever ago has grown a colony in the fridge. I know. Ew.

I’m craving focus. Which only I can create. Meh. I’ll let you know how it goes after this amazing upcoming weekend, which includes a happy hour with my neighbor, a pop-dinner through Feastly, hosted by The Stew, spin, my first real day volunteering and back on a horse (literally and figuratively), plus the normal brunch, hike, art plans.

Listen: Free People’s New Music We Love Playlist

Totally stoked on this mix, which includes my old favorites, Lissie, Wild Belle, Dr. Dog and more goodies. Also coveting this cute look – Coachella Day #1 look maybe?

Watch: How by Daughter

Clearly on a new music kick this week. Beautiful directed and therapeutic piece.

Read: Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey

Beautiful and heartfelt excision of everything I’ve ever felt. This poet went viral after she posted a photo of a period stain on her pants. PEOPLE FREAKED OUT. Her honesty, fuck-all attitude, with a hefty dose of grace and melancholy, sets her apart from the crowd.

Some of my favorites:

city3Women of Colour - RupiYou Leave - Rupi

Also check out this Dueling Data on The Beatles 

And Why We Should All Be A Bit More Pretentious

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