Listen, Watch, Read #13

More posts coming soon, but I’m skipping my lunch break to get my creative juices flowing. I haven’t had much energy to do it after work, so I’m trying to do it before and during breaks. Wish me luck. I can’t remember which book explained and justified the concept of “scratching” to me, but I’ve clung onto to the concept during this creative output stagnancy. … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #13

Listen, Watch, Read: THE SOUND EDITION

I’m legit dying right now of music overload. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC. Aside from the fact I have Bon Iver at the Greek, Lumineers at the Bowl, Chvrches at Hollywood Forever and Ingrid Michaelson at the Ace, (omg such good artists, amazing venues #pinchme), today especially is amazing. [PS does anyone want to do Phantogram with me next Tuesday?] I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH EARS FOR … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read: THE SOUND EDITION

Listen, Watch, Read #10

I chopped off all my hair last night, just about 10 inches of it. With a pair of dull scissors and my horrified housemates staring at me. Just kidding, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic, but there were quite a few snaps and lots of sweeping to do. There is something freeing about chopping off your hair, especially doing it yourself. I know in most media … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #10

Listen, Watch, Read #8 – The Summer Edition

I’ve been changing my thinking habits. Changing may be a strong word. Enhancing? I’ve been listening to The Lively Show on my way to work. This podcast is upbeat and provides insight on how to live your life with intention. (Read: Spend less time on social media). In an effort to manifest all I’ve learned, this weekend was a trial run. I listened to my … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #8 – The Summer Edition

Listen, Watch, Read #7

Before I launch into today’s feature: BEYONCE. Yesterday, while at lunch, I received frenzied texts from friends re: Beyonce’s show in San Diego and two floor seats. A few minutes later, some executive decisions were made and I popped into the car with my friend Veronica (literally the best person ever) for a short four-hour jaunt to San Diego to see Queen B. The hysteria. … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #7

Listen/Watch/Live: No Love Like Yours

  Dudddddeee. So one time, in London, Alex Ebert, from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, held my hand and then my heart stopped and then I died and then was revived. Then I didn’t wash my hand for like three days. (Most or all of that was an exaggeration.) However, Ebert has a charisma that is overall incredibly dangerous for someone as attracted to … Continue reading Listen/Watch/Live: No Love Like Yours

Listen, Watch, Read #6

I feel an immense amount of personal momentum at the mo. At the same time, I feel scattered EVERYWHERE. Work has been hectic and I have my first speaking engagement coming up. I’m looking for additional opportunities, but not sure what exactly I’m looking for. I’ve been increasingly social as opposed to the last few weeks, with dinner parties and happy hours. I can’t even … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #6