Listen, Watch, Read #10

I chopped off all my hair last night, just about 10 inches of it. With a pair of dull scissors and my horrified housemates staring at me. Just kidding, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic, but there were quite a few snaps and lots of sweeping to do. There is something freeing about chopping off your hair, especially doing it yourself. I know in most media portrayals, it’s always some desperate, panicked girl shearing off her hair in chunks and wildly looking for validation. I’d like to think that isn’t how last night would be portrayed. Really, I think I’ve been craving a change and autumn always feels like a fresh start for me. It’s probably the deep-seated nerdiness in me. So here I am, feeling very light, very fresh and very open.


So back to regularly scheduled content:

LISTEN: Rising Appalachia – Wider Circles

My brother turned me onto this music. I have a soft spot for traditional, bluegrass folk and this album is great. I’ve been playing it on my commute home to decompress and it’s totally going with my autumnal feels.

WATCH: All the airplane movies

I had a couple transatlantic flights and got super into:

  • Money Monster – so suspenseful and heartfelt, plus Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Jodie Foster
  • How to be Single – #IloveRebelWilson
  • Me Before You – I ugly-cried onto the Persian grandmother’s shoulder beside me
  • Deadpool– WHY HADN’T I SEEN THIS BEFORE #StanLeeIsMyHero

READ: I Used to Be a Human Being – Andrew Sullivan

Social media, reliance on technology, and our lack of control over the ever-changing world makes for an intense, self-reflective and intense read. Instagram and fomo may actually make me sick – total food for thought.

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