Croatia – Dubrovnik


I’ve just gotten back from an absolutely life changing vacation and was immediately struck down by three trials and a sinus infection, tots hot I know.

I’m currently healing in bed, which provided a perfect opportunity to edit photos and school you on the best trip ever.

I’m starting with Dubrovnik, which big surprise is where we started. It’s gained immense popularity since Game of Thrones, as many scenes are set there. Apparently, according to a random tour guide I walked by, they are no longer filming there due to expense as the whole city is an international historical site.


Dubrovnik was shockingly beautiful. It’s incredibly clean, and the whole city fits within the fort walls. You can walk the diameter of major city center in less than 15 mins.

The stonework is awe-inspiring. This city emanates history and beauty, without feeling like a tourist trap. (I’m going to add “yet” bc this place is going to blow up). There are of course the die hard GOT fans, but for the most part, when we went in September, it didn’t feel crazy, overpriced or cheap at all.


The major food is fish, wine, and Dalmatian prosciutto. The olive oil is gorgeous, the coffee is lacking, and the food plentiful. Seabass, bream, and scallops are prepared everywhere and prepared perfectly. WHY CAN’T AMERICANS COOK FISH CORRECTLY?


It was still crazy warm in September with high humidity (85 plus some quick thunderstorms). Nevertheless, the skies over those terra cotta rooftops are the stuff dreams are made of.

Oh also, there are a ton of stray cats and they are all fat, happy and extremely friendly. I was into it for sure.


Day 1-3: Dubrovnik

  • Pack light: The only way into the city center are stairs and lots of them. No one will be there to help, though Croatians are incredibly kind and generous, so don’t pack heavily.
  • Stay in the city center: You’re basically staying in the historical fort and will see every scene of Game of Thrones through your window.
  • Drink all the wine: I suggest the Galic (pronounced Gal-Lich) Rose, it’s very close to a sancerre rose and not at all syrupy or sweet. Our favorite reds include the Korlat Syrah and anything from the Plavic region.
  • Eat at Moby Dick (order the whole fish), Malvasija wine bar (get the tapas plate, omg the best ever), and Nautika (on the water, pricy but the best meal of the trip – get the foie gras and the seabass).
  • Walk the City Walls – go at 6pm – the views are breathtaking and then grab a drink at Buza Bar.
  • Skip the cable car – so crowded and not really worth it.
  • Go kayaking – easily my favorite jaunt in Dubrovnik  – we did the sunset trip which started at 4pm, so we saw the sunset set over the Adriatic sea. Hot kayak guides? Check (#DarioMarryMe). Isolated beaches? Check. Wine tasting included? Check. Lore about cursed islands? Check.dsc_0118


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