Listen: Britney v. Ingrid

My friends often joke that my musical taste is, for lack of a better word, schizophrenic. I often switch between Pavarotti and DJ Khaled, Fleetwood Mac and Lil Wayne and today, between Britney Spears and Ingrid Michaelson.


Both women I’ve seen live and was definitely not disappointed. In fact, Britney’s Circus show was the most expensive concert ticket I’ve ever bought. And Ingrid’s was the sweetest, funnest show I’ve ever seen.

Both women have recently released new albums and they’ve been on repeat, i.e. I listened to Britney’s Glory five times on Saturday and Ingrid’s It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense twice today. Although I was a huge fan from the beginning of both women, I felt there more recent stuff has been a bit lackluster.

Both these albums are fresh, fun and catchy, although completely different depending on my mood. Dance-y, hyper, ready to do a body roll? Britney for sure – totally into Invitation, Just Luv Me, and Better. Introspective, nostalgic and thinking about my crush? Ingrid – Still the One, Light Me Up and Whole Lot of Heart. One is perfect for my runs in the morning, the other perfect for my candlelit wine and failed attempt at yoga in the evening.


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