Listen, Watch, Read #10

I chopped off all my hair last night, just about 10 inches of it. With a pair of dull scissors and my horrified housemates staring at me. Just kidding, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic, but there were quite a few snaps and lots of sweeping to do. There is something freeing about chopping off your hair, especially doing it yourself. I know in most media … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #10

Listen, Watch, Read #6

I feel an immense amount of personal momentum at the mo. At the same time, I feel scattered EVERYWHERE. Work has been hectic and I have my first speaking engagement coming up. I’m looking for additional opportunities, but not sure what exactly I’m looking for. I’ve been increasingly social as opposed to the last few weeks, with dinner parties and happy hours. I can’t even … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #6

Listen, Watch, Read #4

Despite my self-imposed exile from the dating world, I am super-stoked on the upcoming weekend. Adele. Flower market. My favorite spin class. Volunteering. Yoga. Meditation. MOCA art exhibit. Brunch. Dinner plans. Indigo dying. AND my new roommate is moving in! Plus everything else in between. Last weekend in Seattle, the girls and I had a running joke about only keeping things in your life that … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #4