Listen, Watch, Read #4

Despite my self-imposed exile from the dating world, I am super-stoked on the upcoming weekend. Adele. Flower market. My favorite spin class. Volunteering. Yoga. Meditation. MOCA art exhibit. Brunch. Dinner plans. Indigo dying. AND my new roommate is moving in! Plus everything else in between.

Last weekend in Seattle, the girls and I had a running joke about only keeping things in your life that “spark joy.” I.E. buying flowers = sparks joy; but doing my taxes? Completely necessary but not really sparking joy for me. However, I’ve been making an incredible effort to focus only on positive things and cut the fat on all the rest. I say “incredible,” because goddamnit, it is so hard not to fall into the trap of natural neuroses of uncertainty and insecurity.

And after the last 12 days of doing this exercise, I am feeling so much more content with my life. I have a Walt Whitman quote on my ribs: “I exist as I am, that is enough.” The quote refers to Whitman’s philosophy on self-improvement and that one should always be striving for it, not for the conclusion, but rather the journey. I’ve finally re-grasped that statement and am hella into it right now.

That was all a bit esoteric, but in summary, “Wooooo!”

And for your cultural catch-up.

Listen: Kanye West’s Life of Pablo

Dude is pissing everyone off, including T.Swift’s squad, which is dangerous territory to tread. Power 106 streamed some of the new songs today and I have mixed feelings. Totally worth the listen, just to know what peeps are talking about and it does illustrate the God-complex stricken, nuanced artist that Kanye is.

Watch: A Baby Polar Bear Christening & Baby Elephant Prancing Around


How To Be Able To Find A Job, No Matter What (Refinery 29)
Spend a Night inside a Van Gogh Painting (Messy Nessy Chic)
14 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want Deep, Lasting Love (Mind Body Green)

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