Girls’ Weekend: Seattle

*Note – This week I managed to secure tickets to Beyonce’s Formation tour, Adele’s Secret Show at the Wiltern and The National tickets on presale. I’m so excited and crying and shaking and busy being utterly basic, so please forgive me for, well, basically everything.

The Comet – Seattle in a Nutshell

Back to regularly scheduled content:

Ever since my first trip to Seattle last fall, I’ve been aching to go back. My autumnal sojourn into the PNW with three of the most amazing women around, plus a healthy dose of bearded hotties, left me with harebrained ideas of moving. Of course, that’s a bit complicated at the moment, so I settled for another quick weekend trip to show my college girlfriends what we’ve been missing. We stayed in Capitol Hill in a taxidermy’s dream AirBnB (complete with antler moldings, ibex goat head, a jacklope and a very intimidating peacock.) Capitol Hill is WeHo meets Echo Park, totally walkable, nostalgic yet trendy.



The Food:

Bar Sajor, 323 Occidental Ave S: The ambience is en pointe at this place, with a rustic open kitchen fireplace, weird foreign wines, and an almost experimental approach toward food. Superbly high quality, but I would stick to the entrees (i.e. all the meat, especially anything cooked in the Basque style).

Barrio, 1420 12th Ave: Seattle has a thing for Mexican food and being from Southern California, I’m always a bit weary. However, this place is lux, festive and perfect for a girls’ night cocktail fest. Food is delicious and satisfying.

The Crumpet Shop, 1503 1st. St.: Touted a tourist spot, this little cafe is completely unassuming and not at all crowded on a Friday morning. Beautiful crumpets smothered in butter and any range of toppings: maple butter, smoked salmon, house-made marmalade? I died, it was that yummy.

The Walrus and the Carpenter, 4743 Ballard Ave NW: TBH, I didn’t do the three hour wait for this place, but my friends did and were crazily impressed with the menu selection, the taste and execution. Those brave enough for the wait can chill at The Barnacle, the bar in front, and clearly, if my foodie friends thought three hours was worth it, you should definitely check it out.

Oddfellows, 1525 10th Ave: In the beautiful Oddfellows building, this brunch place/café has that feminine industrial chic thing that I’m totally into. The food is fresh and hearty. I’d recommend the beignets and any of the salads. #moderation.

Emmett Watson, 1916 Pike Place: One of the most popular places for Seattle’s famed oysters. Just the right balance of delicious, fresh fish and that campy touristy thing.

Seafood feast at Emmett Watson

The Shopping:

Glasswing – 1525 Melrose Ave: I just want to live in this store. Succulents, indigo dye, leather goods – generally reasonably priced and a heaven to walk through.

Standard Goods – 701 East Pike St: A collection of apparel and accessories that is so well curated it makes your heart (and pocketbook) ache. Perfect for that dapper gentleman or that gently hipster woman on your list. My friend bought out the jewelry cabinet. It was kind of ridiculous, but totally not surprising in this store.

Elliot Bay Book Company – 1521 10th Ave: My heart in Seattle. A massive yet warm independent bookstore, well organized and a café to boot.

Totokaelo – 1523 10th Ave: I can’t afford really anything in this store. But it’s basically a gallery of all the things I would buy if I had a purse like Mary Poppins. Totally gorgeous.


The Cocktails:

Rachel’s Ginger Beer – 1610 12th Ave: Original, Peach, Mate, Blood Orange Earl Grey – the ginger beers here are legit the best I’ve ever had. Add an alcohol of your choice and it’s everything. RGB is sold all around the city, but their location in Capital Hill in the best. Not to mention their cheese fries with the best dipping sauces ever give Wurstkuche some competition, which is no easy feat. It was bumpin’ on the Friday afternoon we went.

Sun Liquor Distillery, 514 E Pike St: Retro, diner-esque, nautical themed lounge with the best cocktails. One of those adjectives had to appeal to you, right?

Montana, 1506 E Olive Way: This little bar reminds me of my favorite in SF, Zeitgeist. Not quite a beer garden, it has that slightly gritty, punk atmosphere with crowds of hipsters and free flowing cocktails. It’s a place to take in the local culture and like, drink.

Pike Place Market

The Beer:

*Locally crafted, microbrews, all family-friendly and non-pretentious. So in four-words:

Elysian, 1221 E Pike St: Jasmine IPA/Super Casual.

Fremont, 1050 N 34th St: Family-Friendly/Pizza Delivery

Optimism, 1158 Broadway: Super New/Wear Northface

The Coffee:

*Note: All the coffee is amazing. Duh. So my two-word descriptions are just why these places are great, coffee aside.

Caffe Vita, 1005 E Pike St: Seattle staple.

Victrola, 310 E Pike St: Nostalgic Chic

Analog, 235 Summit Ave E: Bearded hipsters

Stumptown, 616 E Pine St: Chill AF

Live Bluegrass at Pike Place Market

Things to See:

*You’ve heard of the touristy things but these are actually places you should visit.

Discovery Park: Where the woods meet the ocean with a beautifully Pacific Northwestern vibe.

Pike Place Market: Because a bluegrass band playing in front of people throwing fish around is a sight to be seen.

Chihuly Glass Museum: Ridiculously gorgeous and worth the price. It showcases the mastermind behind such masterpieces as the Bellagio glass exhibit. Breathtaking.

Chihuly Glass Museum

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