Listen, Watch, Read #8 – The Summer Edition

I’ve been changing my thinking habits. Changing may be a strong word. Enhancing? I’ve been listening to The Lively Show on my way to work. This podcast is upbeat and provides insight on how to live your life with intention. (Read: Spend less time on social media).

In an effort to manifest all I’ve learned, this weekend was a trial run. I listened to my body and took a Friday night in. I meant to read and such, but ended up passing out with the puppies at 10pm. Saturday, we did a long hike, spin at YAS, a vet visit, grocery shopping. Then Evan and I did an intention exercise and I baked this chocolate chip banana bread. Use bittersweet chocolate chips – makes all the difference.

A group of us did Silence of the Lambs at Cinespia‘s movie night at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I packed a picnic of the aforementioned bread, broccoli slaw, bruschetta, fruits from the Farmers’ Market and a cheese plate. Plus the red wine from this list, though none of them were very impressive.

Sunday included a hike, morning bath (so luxurious), lunch in Glendale and some test driving. The evening: wine and pizza in my friend’s back yard.

Other highlights of my weekend:

Listening to the National’s curated tribute to the Grateful Dead. SO GOOD.

Watching Adele’s new music video, “Send My Love”. SHE IS MAGICAL.

Reading Junot Diaz‘s “The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao” – a review to come later, but I love magical realism.



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