Currently Reading.

I’m in the process of writing my first (and perhaps last) book! I am about 40% of the way through and it is proving to be a cathartic and creatively challenging experience. I am hoping to have a working draft by the end of August.

In addition, I am embarking on a Whole 30 eating program this month. Though I have lost 17 pounds in the last year, mostly due to exercise, my energy level (and my skin and digestive system) need a little help. I’m hoping for a body reset at the end of this month. Although for the record, I nearly cried when I asked them not to put goat cheese on my spinach and chicken salad.

In the midst of these projects, I have also had the time and patience to read again. Some books have been winners and others are a bit rough going.


  1. The Girls – Emma Cline: I have been listening to this on Audible! This is my second audiobook ever. Aziz’s Modern Romance, which I love, was my actual first. I thought this story revolved around a coming-of-age story of a teenage girl in Palo Alto.Which it is. Until you realize there is a Manson murder plot looming in the background. Beautifully written and suspenseful, although I’m finding the narrator’s voice a bit grating.
  2. A Girl Walks Out of a Bar – Lisa Smith: Because my book has elements of non-fiction in it, I’ve been trying to read more memoirs. This true story tells of a female corporate lawyer’s road to sobriety. The story itself is interesting, but she most definitely writes like a lawyer. It’s a fast, easy read and definitely puts the “woman who has it all” archetype to the test.
  3. Under the Harrow – Flynn Berry: If you liked The Girl on a Train, Before I Go to Sleep, Gone Girl, etc., then you’ll like this suspenseful murder mystery, revolving around twin sisters and an age old crime. It’s a great summer read and both my mom and I finished it in a matter of hours. I can’t say the writing is superb, but it’s definitely entertaining.


I just binge-watched The Night Manager, with T.Swift’s new BF Tom Hiddleston. Based of LeCarre’s novel, it tells of a hotelier-cum-ccidental MI6 agent, avenging the death of a beautiful stranger within the larger context of illegal international arms trading, political conspiracies and really gorgeous clothes and locations. It is most definitely a must-watch.

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