Listen/Watch/Live: No Love Like Yours


Dudddddeee. So one time, in London, Alex Ebert, from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, held my hand and then my heart stopped and then I died and then was revived. Then I didn’t wash my hand for like three days. (Most or all of that was an exaggeration.) However, Ebert has a charisma that is overall incredibly dangerous for someone as attracted to unkept bearded men with a penchant for nostalgia and women with loud voices. I took this photo right before he touched my hand.

E sharpe

It wasn’t my first Edward Sharpe show and it’s obviously not my last. #Coachella2016. But it was a magical night in the newly opened Old Vic Tunnels, a venue that I urge anyone who can go, to go. The venue is underground, chilly, damp stone with cavernous bars and narrow little rock halls.

But to the present. Olivia Wilde, a woman who I greatly respect for not only her art but philanthropic soul, directed the latest music video of the group, No Love Like Yours, all on an iPhone.

Bizarre. Beautiful. Eerie. Watch it.

PS I went to an amazing Natalie Merchant show last night. But I need time to decompress, so expect a full report later.

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