WORN: Dress – Laju; Booties – Bamboo

DSC_0554.jpgHai. I’ve been laying low, for no other reason that to enjoy the good weather in LA. AKA the torrential downpour that all the flowers and my soul have been craving. That is to say, we had thunder and lightning and all the beauty for a whole two hours this morning before the California sunshine blew away all the clouds and we were left with picture perfect blue skies. Agh. It was nice while it lasted. So nice in fact, that I woke up early to make pancakes and bacon and homemade lattes, because how often do we get rain in Echo Park?


This weekend was eventfully uneventful, which I suppose, is my favorite kind of weekend. On Friday, I meant to mosey on home, grab some DOC (double orange chicken) and watching “Finding Vivian Maier” on Netflix (which apparently, according to Jaimie, is legit). But halfway through my impromptu trip to the Echo Park Farmers’ Market, Evan and I decided to host a little dinner party for six. We made it a potluck, since all I had was 5000 veggies. But I did make a sweet potato, caramelized onion galette with thyme and goat cheese. It was a lovely end to a rather draining week.

So Becca, my new roommate, has just recently moved into LA proper. I took her to my weekend staple, the LA Flower Market, on Saturday after a fueling moment at the Verve in DTLA, which is an epically gorgeous space. We lamented over our grad school days of yore. Then spent all the money on protea, eucalyptus, ranunculus and other gorgeous things. I did some watercoloring, recovery, and cleaning after that.


Sunday morning I felt a bit guilty over my lack of productivity. So I woke early and made brunch with a roasted veg hash, fried eggs and overpriced bacon plus some cinnamon rolls, with a molasses ginger filling. They could have done with a bit of icing, but I was low on pantry goods.


Sunday afternoon was a nachos, pretzels, dogs and beer at the UCLA/USC baseball game, of which the crowning moment was taking a photo with Joe Bruin. That’s only been 10 years in the making. (Holy shit, I’m bloody ancient.)

And as the grand finale, Evan and I hightailed it to San Pedro to check out the new brewery, Brouwerji West, with Elisa and Grant. The saisons and dog-friendliness were en pointe. Grant also made a lovely dinner of seared ahi with chimichurri sauce, sautéed chard, and potatoes. Have I mentioned how lovely it is to be cooked for?

I’d like to have some epic revelation or event to share. But sometimes life is just about plodding along and figuring things out. I’ve been coping with new from across the western seaboard of the United States, both good and bad. My horoscope said March would be eventful – I just didn’t think all the events would happen in the first three days.



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