Chimichurri + Chickpea Summer Salad

The weather in Los Angeles is freaking me out. It’s been oscillating between fiery dry days and gloomy humid ones, which basically spells summer colds for me. I’ve been loading up on my turmeric, B12 and green juices to ward off the germs. In the meantime, I’ve been doing Whole 30 Monday through Friday: no gluten/grain/dairy/alcohol/added sugar. It sounds like death, especially to your basic … Continue reading Chimichurri + Chickpea Summer Salad

Tidbits: Happy Hump Day

Oh boy. This week. I spent the entire day yesterday believing it was Wednesday. I was wrong. And now I’m suffering. Actually suffering is a strong word, because, in reality, this week has been enjoyable, and has included Bourbon Sea Salt Caramel Apple Handpie that I whipped up on Monday, lots of good pilates classes and a special girls’ night dinner happening tonight. In the … Continue reading Tidbits: Happy Hump Day