Podcast Update

3-5 hours. In Los Angeles, that’s how long my commute could be. With my move to SF, my commute dropped to a stunning 12-16 minutes. Now my commute is roughly 30 seconds, from my bed to my desk #remotelife. However, my love for podcasts has not waned. I look forward to long drives, hikes, and cooking dinner, just so I can do some dedicated listening. Another change to my listening addiction? I’ve decide to explore podcasts other than those focused on true crime… there’s only so much gore and grisliness that one can handle. I legit think it was disrupting my sleep. Below are a few of my recent favorites:

  1. To Live and Die in LA: Okay. It’s a true crime podcast, BUT I’ve cut down substantially and this one is a great, in real time, investigatory podcast regarding the disappearance of an aspiring actress in LA in February 2018. It’s dynamic and interesting and not overly produced.
  2. Almost 30: This podcast is actually for really anyone looking for wellness, introspection, and inspiration. There’s some kooky, new age stuff, but I’m all about that life and have found the hosts engaging and relatable.
  3. Bad on Paper: Founded by The Stripe’s Grace Atwood and her best friend, Becca, the podcast has illuminating interviews, a book club, and millennial musings with the best beauty and travel tips.  I have to say their voices can get a bit grating, but it’s also endearing? IDK but their content is great.
  4. Press Send: Hosted by wellness guru, Chinae Alexander, this podcast is also interview based. I like how real and informal Chinae is. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling in a rut and need a dose of reality and humor from guests ranging from big name influencers to sex therapists.
A favorite snap from this past weekend in LA. Jumpsuit – Club Monaco; Mules – Madewell

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