Before: The Sunset Bedroom (and the Great Housing Search)

Being funemployed the last few weeks has been a challenge for me – to the point that I now despise the stupid term “funemployment.” I am just soooo bored. I know I’ll be grateful for this time off once I start work next week and my body and mind have enjoyed the rest.

But I haven’t lost my natural Type-A tendencies, which means the last few weeks have been maniacal to do lists, reading, catching up on seasons and seasons of must-watch TV and pre-planning my bedroom and apartment decor.

I joined two FB groups for SF apartments as well as searched PadMapper and Craigslist on the daily to find a good spot. Originally I was aiming for a studio or one bedroom and though I found options, ultimately, they weren’t suitable for the pups.

OKAY, so do you know how hard it is to find a place in SF with no dogs, versus one dog and in my unfortunate case, TWO dogs? First off, it’s a bajillion dollars to rent a place in the city. But since I’m working in Sausalito, the city proper makes more sense. Second, most lessors, whether landlords or roommates, have crazy requirements. For instance, not being allowed to decorate the apartment at all since it was previously furnished. Or that they only wanted a male between the ages of 24-26, who works in the tech industry, but isn’t “tech-y” and is originally from the Bay. Third, you have the dog issue – if they are even allowed? Pet deposit? And pet rent? Fourth, amenities. I found a great place with a “full kitchen” – it only had a microwave and a mini fridge. THAT ISN’T A FULL KITCHEN. Not to mention my non-negotiables: water pressure, access to parking, proximity to dog friendly outdoor spaces, and low commute time.

And I had to find this when I wasn’t yet in the city. Enter Evan and Rob, my favorite people ever. I sent them on wild goose chases across the city, making them Facetime managers and turning on faucets and checking out neighbours. Rob found the winning spot, with two guys in an updated Victorian upper unit of a duplex, just a block from him. (I’m sure there will be moments when he regrets that decision.)

It was conveniently one of better priced places, with all the aforementioned amenities, with a massive bedroom overlooking Mount Sutro. I am feeling very lucky, especially because both of my roommates are super sweet guys, who are looking forward to bunking with my idiot dogs.

So enter the fun part – decorating. You all know, I love nesting, and I’m looking forward to creating a new space in the city. The bedroom is first stop, obviously, but I’d like to add a feminine touch to the rest of the apartment, as long as the boys are up for it.

As opposed to my old place, which was blush pink and neutrals, I’m going more bright and bohemian to combat those dreary, foggy days. I want it to feel super cosy and bright while creating a dedicated workspace for my inevitably long nights. (#terrified). Check out my Pinterest board for the inspiration.

Of course, I immediately gravitated toward pink. *Insert Princess Emoji*.


But now, I’m sort of into a pop of blue as well:


And this is what I started with:


So the only things I brought were my mid-century nightstands that I built, some old lamps I picked up at Ross from my previous apartment, and some of my grandmother’s prints from Kenya. The previous tenant left a corner desk that will suffice right now, but needs something to spruce it up.

So I purchased new white bed linens from Amazon and a rug from RugsUSA and got this far in the one day I was in my apartment prepping it for the pups:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 1.49.10 PM
Nightstands: made by me(!)/Rug: RugsUSA/ Linens: Amazon / Lamps and Pillows: Ross Stores

Already ordered are a bedframe and skirt and blush pink velvet office chair. The goal this weekend is to find a simple wood six drawer dresser (so I can actually unpack) and to hang some of the art I have around. I’d like to do a colorful gallery wall for a sitting area. Also a few plants would be great – probably fake, because I can’t keep anything green alive.

I am happy with the progress, but have sooo much anxiety about it not being finished. Again, the Type A in me already wants all of this sorted, complete with candles burning and a cup of tea in hand. But looking forward to the journey of settling into the apartment.

Would you guys want to hear about my housing search in detail? What worked or didn’t? Let me know!

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