Cafe Birdie



I’ve been bloody bored of food. Cooking it, presenting it, buying it, ordering it, looking at it – blah blah blah. I definitely began to understand the appeal of soylent, that scary, flavorless, viscous smoothie you can use to replace all your meals.

And even with my frequent sampling of LA’s variety of “new and exciting” restaurants, I was left less than satiated. Until Café Birdie.

Café Birdie, situated in my old stomping grounds, across from one of my favorite yoga studios has been around for a bit. It hovered on my to do list, but I never remembered it when making a brunch determination. I regret the many boring breakfast now, because Café Birdie is dope y’all.

In my favorite fashion, all food is served family style with a range of fresh ingredients with a bit of a Moroccan flair. We ordered the BURRATA TOAST (cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinaigrette) and the SHAKSHUKA (baby carrots, white beans, beet tops, pumpkin seeds, poached eggs) along with the crown jewel of the brunch menu, the MOROCCAN-SPICED FRIED CHICKEN served with harissa aioli and lime.


The chicken was stupendous, tender and juicy, with a crispy layer and salted just enough for your tastebuds to each nirvana. The Bloody Marys were spicy and light. The service was good, the décor so instagram worthy I swooned upon walking in (that light though) and the bartenders are hot.

It’s destined to be my Sunday morning haunt.

Cafe Birdie
5631 N. Figueroa, Highland Park

P.S. Does anyone want to try dinner there?

P.P.S. Regretting not buying the jumpsuit below. So 80s and so into it.


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