Champagne Vanilla Cake!

I’ve been on a baking spree, which I hope continues into the New Year and perhaps, by some miracle, does not continue onto my waistline. But the weather has been dreary and drizzly, perfect for blasting the oven and listening to the Daughter Spotify Radio Station.

I baked a modified version of this recipe, using prosecco rather than pink champagne, no food coloring, and of course, all organic ingredients. The cake turned out pure white and fluffy, with the taste of champagne and the tiniest hint of almond flavor, which was interesting since no ingredient had that flavor.


It was a hit at the New Year’s Eve party, which was warmly and wonderfully hosted by Mark and Brandon.

Next up? A blueberry and apple pie for tomorrow’s vegan dinner party.

So excited for a new year of cooking!




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