The Great Social Media Detox

fullsizerender-1I made my roommates change all my social media passwords. If they wind up dead, it was for a noble cause.

The goal? 21 days without Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. Why? I’m bloody bored by it. Yet, I spend hours scrolling through my newsfeed of Trump accountability and Trump parodies; photos with the same filter; non-sensical tweets; and a barrage of Kardashian that not even my well-trained stomach can handle.

I check my phone immediately before waking. I sleep with the bloody thing under my pillow. I dare say that my entire self-worth is predicated on Instagram followers. There I’ve admitted it.

Not to mention that I have list of goals longer than I am neurotic and very little time with my litigation position picking up speed as it is. So here I am cutting the fat. Last year, I was cutting the fat with particular people, and it took until September 8 to make a clean break. No more, I say! I am hitting the ground running and creating the habit early in the year.

Cakes won’t bake themselves, blogs won’t write themselves, job applications won’t fill out themselves… you get the picture. Never you fear though, because I know you’re all terribly addicted to my selfies, I’ll be back in February with new, curated and better content for all the accounts around. And hopefully with less of a legitimate dependency on it.

In the meantime, I’m still posting irregularly on the blog because I need some sort of creative outlet. I am hoping to create a plethora of new and regular content for this as well with all my newfound time.


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