The Hipster’s Guide to San Diego

Slowly recuperating/getting fired up post-inauguration. It hit me a lot harder than I expected, and I knew it was going to hit hard. We’re pushing the podcast forward, I’m joining a feminist book club, I’d like to host a pop-up fundraiser dinner for the ACLU and I’ve been doing some pro-bono legal work. None of this seems like enough, but I’ll keep pushing.


The break from social media provided me with time for reflection. I’ve been focusing on better news sources and less dramatics. Don’t get me wrong, we (meaning America, Americans, minorities, aka EVERYONE) are in an extremely precarious and dangerous place, but inundation of inflammatory and ill-reported “news” kept me up a lot of nights this month, despite my new bedtime routine of ashwaganda and lions mane mushroom powder.

More on all that later, since I still even after these few weeks, want to better gather my thoughts.


So for your dose of vapid and yuppie desires, my guide to San Diego. I’ve been meaning to visit Katie for years, but finally was afforded the opportunity/kick in the ass when I had a conference in DT San Diego. In my free time, Katie showed me the proper San Diego/not the Gaslamp and I had an absolutely amazing time with her and her lovely fiance, Calvin. A huge virtual hug to both of them for making the weekend literally,  like, the bestest thing ever!


Trilogy Yoga (La Jolla) – This was my favorite part of the weekend. I have tried aerial yoga once before and was incredibly intimidated. This time around, Katie took me to a rooftop yoga studio, hippie store, vegan cafe, all on a rooftop with beach views in La Jolla. Known at the Sanctuary, this space was exactly what I needed to really face my fears and get flex-y on the silks. We had a patient and wonderful instructor and now I can’t wait to get back on the ropes.


Balboa Park – A glorious and massive park, akin to SF’s Golden Gate Park. We took a late afternoon jaunt around the massive park, which houses museums, a free hula hoop quad, little street vendors and lots of playspace, curated gardens and cafes as well as a massive off leash dog park. (Katie wouldn’t let me go in because we didn’t have a dog with us and she thought it would be creepy, lol).

Liberty Station – This is the hub of everything good in the world. These old army barracks now house everything from Trader Joes to Stone Brewery. My favorite part was the marketplace, selling artisan goods and foods ranging from locally made olive oil to freshly baked cookie shots. Very similar to Grand Central Market or Anaheim Packing District, but unique to SD.


Craft and Commerce (Downtown) – Recently renovated with the cutest waiters (hi Logan!), this downtown spot has that 1920s, wood paneled, full bar with lots of windows vibe I love. (It’s a very specific vibe, akin to hipster downtown chic?) Order the corn bread skillet with the honey thyme butter, the wood fired bone marrow, the golden pear salad along with the Lay Lady Lay breakfast cocktail.


Soda and Swine (North Park) – Holy mother of god, this place takes drunk food to a whole new level. Delicious sliders, dirty fries, and pizza balls all done in a ridiculously classy, comfort food way? Stawpppp. I recommend the banh mi sliders and the dirty fries WITH chorizo. Have it delivered to you next door at Polite Provisions.


Polite Provisions (North Park) – 1920s deco bar with maybe the best cocktails I’ve ever had. Super packed, but full of 20-somethings and attentive waiters. Get there early and while the night away on one or ten of the amazing cocktails. I recommend the hot buttered rum, road to Morocco, Veronica Rose (with sparkling wine, aperol and rose petals,) and the seasonal pumpkin horchata.

Stone Brewing (Liberty Station) – A massive brewery, flights available and a delicious food menu? Stone is THE San Diego brewing company and their local, not sold anywhere else, beers are delicious. I especially love the Liberty Station Lupulin Loop w/ Ella Hops (smooth AF IPA) and the Unicorn Milk (chai stout).


Societe Brewing (Um some suburb) – A super local and tiny brewery tucked in an industrial suburb. Really wonderful beers with a food truck parked outside. Try the Butcher (a chocolate/coffee imperial stout)!


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