Hello darlings –

I’ve received such lovely feedback about my dinners and an interest in future ones, so I’m setting up a couple more dinners before year’s end.

I unfortunately had to cancel my last dinner due to a post-vacation sinus infection (gross, I know), so peeps missed out on my Indian food. HAVE NO FEAR! Because I’m basically repeating that menu.

 An Indian Summer
Saturday, October 22 at 7:30pm
The Cocktail: The Caballero (A Mezcal Cocktail)
Pani Puri
Seasonal Garden Salad and Raita
Saag served with Roti
Goat (or Beef) Curry over Basmati Rice
Handmade Gulab Jamans
You know the drill, shoot me an email (, I’ll confirm a spot is open and you can venmo me. Dinner includes a cocktail and wine pairing with dinner plus ALL THE FOOD.
Some questions you may have:
1. Why are you charging me? Partly because I’ve been feeding you for free for ten years. JK. It’s because I’m working on creating a dining experience with local, organic ingredients and I’d like to cover the costs of the food and perhaps even expand my kitchen gadgetry. I want to cook for you all for the rest of my life, but would also like to avoid bankruptcy.2. How do I sign up? How do I pay? Email me at what date you would like and how many guests you are bringing. I will send you a confirmation if there are spots available with relevant information for the event. Please venmo/paypal/carrier pigeon me the price of the dinner when you receive confirmation of your spot.3. What is actually included? An opening signature cocktail, an hors d’oeuvre, two opening plates, an entree and dessert. It will also include wine and beer pairings for the dinner.4. Can you accommodate eating restrictions/allergies?Yes! Please let me know when you reserve your spot if you have any issues. If you are on a strict diet, i.e. Whole 30, veganism, etc., I’d suggest choosing a dinner that most closely matches, so you don’t, like, drive me crazy.5. Do I have to bring something? Nope. Everything is covered in the cost.6. What if I can’t make it? Can I cancel? Yes, and I will refund the money unless the cancellation is made within 48 hours of the event.7. Other questions? Email me! Or text. Or call. Or FB. Or IG. Or carrier pigeon.

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