If, Then: Fall Music Edition

Fall always brings a sense of nostalgia for me, mostly in part because I was a total nerd and every time school starts up, my craving for new pencils and first-day of school outfits and new writing pads kicks in.

I always return to the same playlist as well, one full of soft folk and yearning pop, something to listen to on crispy, gloomy morning walks or candlelit nights. But of course, one gets a bit bored, which is why I’ve been on the lookout for new music in the same vein.

So new series introduction: If, Then. I.E. if you like this, then you may like that. Also if you haven’t listen to the “ifs” then um, do that too.



If Bon Iver, then Vancouver Sleep Clinic

If Rosie and the Drifters, then Caroline Glaser

If Sylvan Esso, then Maggie Rogers

If Laura Marling, then Nadia Reid

If the Hozier, then Kaleo

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