My Favorite Podcasts: Winter 2016

I’m writing this during my lunch break of a particularly wearing workday. I started getting really frustrated with basically everything and my day was quickly taking a nosedive until I took this break and decided to focus on writing this little blog post. It can be unfortunately too easy to fall into negativity. So instead of flipping through Facebook to decompress, I’m just going to … Continue reading My Favorite Podcasts: Winter 2016

Listen, Watch, Read: THE SOUND EDITION

I’m legit dying right now of music overload. SO MUCH GOOD MUSIC. Aside from the fact I have Bon Iver at the Greek, Lumineers at the Bowl, Chvrches at Hollywood Forever and Ingrid Michaelson at the Ace, (omg such good artists, amazing venues #pinchme), today especially is amazing. [PS does anyone want to do Phantogram with me next Tuesday?] I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH EARS FOR … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read: THE SOUND EDITION

Listen, Watch, Read #10

I chopped off all my hair last night, just about 10 inches of it. With a pair of dull scissors and my horrified housemates staring at me. Just kidding, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic, but there were quite a few snaps and lots of sweeping to do. There is something freeing about chopping off your hair, especially doing it yourself. I know in most media … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #10

Listen: Britney v. Ingrid

My friends often joke that my musical taste is, for lack of a better word, schizophrenic. I often switch between Pavarotti and DJ Khaled, Fleetwood Mac and Lil Wayne and today, between Britney Spears and Ingrid Michaelson.   Both women I’ve seen live and was definitely not disappointed. In fact, Britney’s Circus show was the most expensive concert ticket I’ve ever bought. And Ingrid’s was … Continue reading Listen: Britney v. Ingrid

Listen, Watch, Read #9

  I’m busy preparing for my first ever pop-up dinner, which is happening tomorrow night! Follow along at IG: notes_nibbles for live updates. My schedule is intense today, along with a deposition, a networking lunch and the farmers market. I also want to handmake my menus, bake the cake and do my soup today as well *wipes sweat off brow.* Lofty goals, but I think … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #9