Listen, Watch, Read #9


I’m busy preparing for my first ever pop-up dinner, which is happening tomorrow night! Follow along at IG: notes_nibbles for live updates. My schedule is intense today, along with a deposition, a networking lunch and the farmers market. I also want to handmake my menus, bake the cake and do my soup today as well *wipes sweat off brow.* Lofty goals, but I think I can do it!

I’ve been nesting recently and doing a lot of writing for my book as well as some self-reflective journaling, trying to sort out what my next steps are. It’s been a cathartic and somewhat overwhelming process. The quarter-life crisis is no joke. Special shout-out to my friends, Annie, Aimee, Cassi and Becca, for being my own personal therapy/glamsquad team.

Back to regularly scheduled programming

LISTEN: Bon Iver – 22

Obviously, I am counting the minutes until the full album drops, September 30. Bon Iver is my morning yoga, nightly bath music. I could listen to his mournful tunes all the days. I connect so strongly with his artistry and in the last few weeks, keep returning to him

WATCH: The Night Of – HBO

EVERYONE has been talking about this show, as well the Netflix original, Stranger Things. I have yet to get into the latter, since I finally got around to The Night Of and am fully engaged. Set in NYC, it tells the story of a promising student, born of immigrant parents, caught up in a brutal stabbing of a poor little rich girl.  It’s a unique amalgamation of murder mystery plus look at the criminal justice system plus unpacking of American race relationships, with a bit of questionable romantic intrigue. It’s based on the British show, Criminal Justice, which is already on it’s second season, so I plan on watching that as well.

READ: Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi

I’ve been taking full advantage of my Audiobooks free trial and been binge listening to this debut novel. It traces the history of two African women from the 1400s and their very different family sagas, affected by slavery, colonialism, politics, poverty and so much more. It’s beautifully written, but heartbreaking. To the point that I can only listen to about a half-hour to an hour before I need some time to decompress. Powerful, although the NY Times wasn’t as much of a fan.

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