Listen, Watch, Read #3

I just spent the weekend traipsing through Seattle with some amazing women. We spent the days sipping coffee, meandering museums, sampling ginger beers, and supporting local shops (aka shopping sprees).

I can’t wait to reveal my Seattle City Guide, but until then, here’s a catch up post from Friday for your latest cultural shortcuts.

Listen: Future’s EVOL

Topping the charts, like whoa. Into it. Obvs.

Watch: Beyonce’s Formation

Powerfully critical of race relations in the US, I’m impressed that Beyonce is finally owning her own potential for impact. Beautifully executed and unsurprisingly catchy, this video is on repeat all day, erryday.


Read: Couple Mechanics by Nelly Alard

I love travelling, if not only for the uninterrupted opportunity to read. I picked up this new fiction piece rather randomly at my favorite bookstore in Seattle, intrigued by the Parisian setting and tormented love story, because, like, I can relate to both, right?

I started and finished this book on the flight home to Los Angeles. It tells of a married couple who cope with infidelity. The fear, exasperation, panic, heartbreak, and oscillation between attachment and detachment was so organically and starkly constructed by the author. Like the protagonist, you feel yourself harden and then soften with the moments of betrayal and apology. It’s a book that makes you feel as if the air has been taken from you. So good. Read it.



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