Your Comprehensive Guide to Paris

Although I’ll detail it more later or perhaps never, depending on how I’m feeling, it will suffice to say that the last  14 months were, for lack of a better word, a shitshow. Thankfully, I’m coming out of it now, though not completely unscathed, but at least with clarity and some confidence that I’m making the right decisions for myself. It seems only fitting that … Continue reading Your Comprehensive Guide to Paris

Listen, Watch, Read #3

I just spent the weekend traipsing through Seattle with some amazing women. We spent the days sipping coffee, meandering museums, sampling ginger beers, and supporting local shops (aka shopping sprees). I can’t wait to reveal my Seattle City Guide, but until then, here’s a catch up post from Friday for your latest cultural shortcuts. Listen: Future’s EVOL Topping the charts, like whoa. Into it. Obvs. … Continue reading Listen, Watch, Read #3