The Guide to Thrifting in Highland Park

I’m on the hunt for a new dining table, preferably midcentury modern that can fit six and is amenable to gold polka dots. It’s a lot to ask, I know. On the weekends I haven’t been running around the state, I’ve been trying to hit up the local vintage and thrift stores for some inspiration.

Of course, I end up leaving with vintage cashmere sweaters, crystal champagne flutes and old postcards… no table in sight. I might have to give up and impulsively buy some awful Ikea thing, but I have been enjoying my mornings out with Evan, Brooke and Ivana.

On the Eastside, I generally hit up the following with great results:

St. Vincent De Paul – 210 N. Ave. 21, Los Angeles, 90031

  • Great for furniture. I found this awful midcentury modern, red-stained, wood, oval coffee table with chrome legs for $15. A quick spritz of a robin egg’s blue spray paint and it’s my favorite piece in my apartment. They have these reclaimed wood dining tables that I’m lusting over, but they might be a bit too bulky for my apartment. #aGirlCanDream.

Revival – 181 N. Ave. 21, Los Angeles, 90031

  • Ugh. I want everything in this store. Constantly rotating and curated vintage furniture and goods ranging from vintage lapel pins to large pieces of furniture. Ridiculously reasonably priced.

Goodwill – 3150 N. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, 90065

  • They have an outlet side, which smells a bit like processed cheese and contains huge bins of random stuff that you can pay for by the pound. It’s a little too competitive for me, but the actual store is well organized. I’ve picked up some amazing vintage pieces, i.e. a cashmere sweater for $3, a blanket wool coat for $5 and some gorgeous green Pyrex.

Out of the Closet – 1724 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90026

  • I got the most amazing vintage wicker chair here for $5. Then I had to call a friend of a friend of a friend who had a truck to come pick it up for me on a random Saturday afternoon when I realized that I could not fit it in my Corolla. (Thanks David!)


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