Listen, Watch, Read #11

I was ridiculously productive at work yesterday, despite limited sleep after an amazing Ingrid Michaelson show at the Ace. But do you have those days, when you completely clean up your desk, and inbox, and life and make so much progress, then come into the office and just want to fetal under the desk with a cup of tea? That’s me today. It’s cloudy and a bit rainy and I have pretzel bread and beer cheese sauce to make and puppies and pumpkin beer to sample.

(Not to mention a book to finish and a test to study for. FML).

But I have faith I’ll get my motivation muse back soon, even if it’s in the form of copious amounts of awful office coffee.

And oh so excited, grateful and happy for the weekend of tennis and baking and reunions and yoga (and studying, sleeping and writing in bed).

LISTEN: Joanne – Lady Gaga

I’ll probably be struck down by lightning for saying this, but since her early stuff, I haven’t been a huge fan of Gaga. But this album is amazing. She’s typical Gaga, belting and Broadway-esque, but I love the retro vibe.

WATCH: The Witch

Spooky period piece about a religious family banished from a Puritan colony to the edge of witch-infested woods. Available to stream on Amazon.

READ: My Mother She Killed Me; My Father He Ate Me: 40 New Fairy Tales 

So very seasonally appropriate, yet very high brow, well-written, irreverent and entertaining. Retelling of classic fairy tales. My favorite so far is Hansel and Gretal, but switched up from siblings to unhappily married hippies.



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