PR Venteux OOTDWelcome to the new Notes & Sojourns!

The first iteration of this blog began when I lived abroad in London. I wanted some way to catalog my experiences, which mostly took the form of snapshots and mooning about boys back home. Later, it became a collection of snippets of consciousness and recipes.

Then I turned 27. And my subconscious came reeling out with all the questions of life that unguided 20-somethings struggle with: What am I doing? Am I producing anything of work? Am I having fun?

Well, the short answer is yes. The long answer is that I’ve always wanted to have a more polished blog, a reflection of how I see myself and how I curate my life. (My life as it is made up of overpriced coffee, second hand clothes, extravagant food, unnecessary words and nostalgic music). Some might find it narcissistic, but hopefully, all can glean some inspiration. And if anything, I can grow my creative skills with this online portfolio.

Please follow along and constructive criticism is always welcome.

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