Copycat Pastrami Tacos with Gruyere

Adele. Literally a magical being among us mundane humans. I saw her at the Staples Center last week and as always, left inspired, in awe and emotionally depleted from singing my lungs out.   Before the epic, totally-worth-the-$150-per-ticket show, we hit up on my favorite restaurants in DTLA, The Stocking Frame. I’ll probably do a review of it at some point, but it suffices to … Continue reading Copycat Pastrami Tacos with Gruyere

Swedish Meatballs

Ikea meatballs are apparently a thing. I’ve never had one, but their reputation is legendary. So of course, I had to make Swedish Meatballs, because obviously I can do them better than a massive corporation known for their do-it-yourself mission. (BTW, I’ve tried numerous times to DIY Ikea furniture… and always failed.) I am happy to report that I did not fail at my Swedish … Continue reading Swedish Meatballs

Chimichurri + Chickpea Summer Salad

The weather in Los Angeles is freaking me out. It’s been oscillating between fiery dry days and gloomy humid ones, which basically spells summer colds for me. I’ve been loading up on my turmeric, B12 and green juices to ward off the germs. In the meantime, I’ve been doing Whole 30 Monday through Friday: no gluten/grain/dairy/alcohol/added sugar. It sounds like death, especially to your basic … Continue reading Chimichurri + Chickpea Summer Salad

Sunday Supper: Easy Bolognese

If you follow me on Snap and/or IG, you know that I’m all about food. That is until I got struck down by Fluchella and resorted to take-out pho (yum) and Taco Bell (shame on me, but that quesalupa though, #addtheCreamyJalapenoSauce). But all the sodium/sugar got to me and I was feeling sluggish and dried out. So I’ve been craving healthy, fresh, homemade “comfort food” … Continue reading Sunday Supper: Easy Bolognese

Viviane: The Worst Meal at the Prettiest Restaurant

To preface the massacre that’s about to occur, I’m in a wretched bloody mood. For several reasons, but I’m mostly irritated because I looked at my credit card bill and remembered how much I spent on an utterly useless meal I had on Tuesday. But back to the point of this blog post. I love eating out, almost as much as I love cooking. I pride myself on … Continue reading Viviane: The Worst Meal at the Prettiest Restaurant

Indian Eggplant with Lemon-Garlic Butter Over Mint Labneh

I just purchased like 8 pounds of Allsorts Licorice and am flying high. My dentist won’t be thrilled but my soul is satiated. (I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m certainly feeling hyperbolic today.) After a lunch break of ribs and Tindering with my bosses, I’m settling into a full afternoon of work and meetings, but a dear friend asked me to post … Continue reading Indian Eggplant with Lemon-Garlic Butter Over Mint Labneh

Sunday Supper: White Bean Soup with Bacon, Thyme and Curried Brown Butter

I’ve always found soups rather boring and underwhelming. The texture is always sort of mushy, seasoning never strong, and overall, just blah. However, my family gifted me with an handheld liquidizer/emulsifier over the holidays and I’ve been going HAM on the whole soup business. The goal? A flavor fusion, high on the seasoning and bacon. Always bacon. A few notes on my cooking, I do … Continue reading Sunday Supper: White Bean Soup with Bacon, Thyme and Curried Brown Butter