Listen, Watch, Read #1

I’m currently posted up in Palm Springs at conference, a large latte in hand and eight hours of boredom ahead of me. I only hope that your Friday is more entertaining than mine. The following will be a regular Friday feature. On previous incarnations of this blog, my random recommendations were generally well-received by the grand total readership of roughly five people.

For your entertainment:

Listen: Elliott Smith Covers Cat Stevens’ Trouble

Just melancholy enough for this gloomy Friday.

Watch: Tangerine

A masterpiece of filming (all done on 3 5s iPhones) telling the story of Sin Dee, a recently incarcerated transgender prostitute tracking down her cheating boyfriend/pimp on Christmas Eve across the gritty underbelly of Los Angeles. Rib-breakingly funny and poignant.


Read: You Should Plan on Switching Jobs Every Three Years for the Rest of Your Life

A must-read for millennials. Cast aside your preconceptions and guilt about job-hopping. The best thing for you career may be the constant search for the next best thing.

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