Girls’ Weekend: Seattle

*Note – This week I managed to secure tickets to Beyonce’s Formation tour, Adele’s Secret Show at the Wiltern and The National tickets on presale. I’m so excited and crying and shaking and busy being utterly basic, so please forgive me for, well, basically everything. Back to regularly scheduled content: Ever since my first trip to Seattle last fall, I’ve been aching to go back. … Continue reading Girls’ Weekend: Seattle

The Guide to Thrifting in Highland Park

I’m on the hunt for a new dining table, preferably midcentury modern that can fit six and is amenable to gold polka dots. It’s a lot to ask, I know. On the weekends I haven’t been running around the state, I’ve been trying to hit up the local vintage and thrift stores for some inspiration. Of course, I end up leaving with vintage cashmere sweaters, … Continue reading The Guide to Thrifting in Highland Park