The Hipster’s Guide to San Diego

Slowly recuperating/getting fired up post-inauguration. It hit me a lot harder than I expected, and I knew it was going to hit hard. We’re pushing the podcast forward, I’m joining a feminist book club, I’d like to host a pop-up fundraiser dinner for the ACLU and I’ve been doing some pro-bono legal work. None of this seems like enough, but I’ll keep pushing. The break … Continue reading The Hipster’s Guide to San Diego


Hello darlings – I’ve received such lovely feedback about my dinners and an interest in future ones, so I’m setting up a couple more dinners before year’s end. I unfortunately had to cancel my last dinner due to a post-vacation sinus infection (gross, I know), so peeps missed out on my Indian food. HAVE NO FEAR! Because I’m basically repeating that menu.  An Indian Summer … Continue reading ANNOUNCING NEW POP-UP DINNER DATE – Indian Summer, Oct. 22


I know that’s a rather salacious title, but would you have clicked on this blog post if I hadn’t used it? Didn’t think so. So minor tangent, I was watching Iliza Shlesinger’s newest Netflix standup show – Confirmed Kills – and died lol’ing by myself in bed last night. Thanks, Cass for the recommendation! She delves into female-only humor – the idiocy of “Je suis mermaid” … Continue reading Pothead

Croatia – Dubrovnik

I’ve just gotten back from an absolutely life changing vacation and was immediately struck down by three trials and a sinus infection, tots hot I know. I’m currently healing in bed, which provided a perfect opportunity to edit photos and school you on the best trip ever. I’m starting with Dubrovnik, which big surprise is where we started. It’s gained immense popularity since Game of … Continue reading Croatia – Dubrovnik


Hello my darlings – As you all probably know, I love feeding people. And perhaps more than that, I love hosting the sh*t out of my dinners: creating a comfortable space where my friends can meet new people, trying new things, and then give me all the compliments.  And if we’ve talked in the last couple of months, you also probably know that I’m exploring … Continue reading ANNOUNCING NOTES AND NIBBLES, A POP UP DINNER SERIES